Through a series of events, I wound up in Lynchburg for the last little bit of this weekend and it just so happened that my mom was going to be there this same weekend! It was a sweet surprise that redeemed a kind of sucky situation so we made the most of it.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a TON of time to really get to explore all the cool spots Lynchburg has to offer - also because we were mostly only free to explore today (Sunday), so most everything was closed, but my mom found a beautiful little spot along James River called Percival's Island, so that's where we spend most of our time.

We didn't quite know what to expect of this place, but we thought we might as well give it a shot! So we looked at the map and just went for it. Not too long down the path and we saw a nice outlook of the river. Also.. we noticed that there were signed locks almost everywhere where there was a fence. Anyone know what that's about? We heard that "VA is for Lovers", but what is the origination of that?

This was a poppin' locale today since the sun was out and it's the end of the weekend, so we were able to walk amongst the bikers, fishers and hikers. However, we still managed to get off the beaten path a little and explore some of the more "naturesque" parts of the park.

Overall, it was a really nice day spent with my mom and I'd definitely recommend Lynchburg a place to stop by. It has the historic vibe about it, but there are some really cool, hipster-type stores around that make it a fun spot to see!

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