I've been working with the Brinneman family since January of this year and it's been an absolute blast! I've been doing video work for Ben and getting to know the family since we're around the house often. I absolutely love them and feel truly blessed to get to spend as much time with them as I do (and with their two little cuties who have stolen my heart!)

There's been a lot of chaos and changes happening both in the professional sphere and the personal sphere lately for all of us and with that, we've all been feeling a little stressed out in the day-to-day. I'm currently getting ready to move (just locally) and have been going through the process of getting rid of all my excess junk (yet again). Amidst all of the craziness and mess of boxes, I get a phone call from Ben and he's like, "We're going to Charleston this weekend and you're coming with if you can!"

Heck to the YES. I'm always down for traveling. So here we are.. in Charleston.. for the weekend!

Their family friends so kindly invited us to join in on their vacation so I thought the least I could do is give them some photos of our time together!

The moms attempted to get a kiddie pool set up for the kiddos while Ben and Pierce played with the drone. It was actually quite amazing the stamina that little machine has against the wind force!

Here we have the kiddos going in the water - some of their first experiences with the ocean! They were mostly excited about it too.. some more than others.

I just have to share this one hahaha. Some people are more a fan of the beach than others.. can you guess who is who from this pic?

Overall though, it was a really great day! The weather was beautiful and the beach wasn't crowded. Oh I will be back to visit you, Charleston. I'll be back!